Monday, November 29, 2010

El Salvador Restaurant

There are many great ethnic restaurants along Lincoln Avenue, but the El Salvador Restaurant is located just off Lincoln, at 2316 S 6th Street. While they offer a variety of traditional home-style Mexican entrees (tacos, burritos, the obligatory tortilla-chips-and-salsa meal starter), Salvadoran fare is their specialty. So, what should your first Salvadoran meal look like? One word: PUPUSAS.

Pupusas are small corn pockets folded around a filling: beef, queso, refried beans, or a traditional vegetable mix that includes squash. El Salvador pupusas are flavorful, not spicy, and come with a side of fresh pickled cabbage and red and green ketchup-y sauces that you squeeze from big plastic bottles.

I ate my first pupusas while visiting Nicaragua in 2005, and I'm glad so I can get my pupusa fix right here in Lincoln Village. But when the pupusa craving strikes, be advised: El Salvador is only open Wednesdays-Sundays.

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