Monday, November 29, 2010

A brief introduction to Baran Park

Baran Park is a small neighborhood nestled between Lincoln Village to the west and Bay View to the east. The neighborhood may not be as well known as these two, but it has an enviable location and much, much more.

The neighborhood is named for - surprise! - Baran Park, a Milwaukee County Park that runs north to south, parallel to 1st Street and the Kinnickinnic River corridor. The park is named after an early St. Josaphat's pastor, Felix Baran, and today it is a hot spot for local baseball league play during summer. And there is another baseball connection in Baran Park. Klement's Sausage, the Milwaukee staple and creator/sponsor of the Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages, is located along 1st Street on the southern end of the neighborhood.

Milwaukee Pallet, another homegrown Milwaukee company, is located among a grouping of industrial buildings and some available office lofts. And across the Kinnickinnic from these is Inland Seas High School, a Milwaukee maritime-themed charter school with after-school boat building programs. The school has a very appropriate placement; the KK River was one of Milwaukee's busiest waterways during the heyday of early industry, and today, several marinas and docking facilities are located just downstream.

In some ways, Baran Park seems like an island, but this island - located as it is between Lincoln Village and Baran Park, where Lincoln Avenue crosses over Interstate I-43 and with the Kinnickinnic River running through it - is not an isolated one by any means.

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